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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Payroll Software for GCC Companies: How to Choose the Best

GCC is rich also with the existence of lots of Payroll Software brands. That they’ll lead to brew confusion and conflict among the GCC companies is quite natural. They face a real challenge while given the task to choose a right Payroll Software for their company. Tricky adverts double their plight as well. Under such a scene, picking the right one from a flock of varieties wherein each of them claim to be the best is an acid test for the companies.

So, does it mean their search for the best and the one that fits their needs ends up with a wrong choice? Maybe or May not be, but there is always a chance latent. In order to bypass it, care to follow these search instructions and see how well your search transcends challenges to meet the right Payroll Software.

·        Chart out your requirements first.
·        Run across the web brochures of different vendors and developers.
·        Make sure to visit the profile of developer.
·        Checking developer’s profile is a-must to ensure it is developed by efficient.
·        Expect less or zero efficiency in the application if it’s developed by inefficient.
·        Must check after-sale support team.
·        Verify client testimonials and client list.
·        Make sure it has inclusive HR Solutions- HRMS Software Dubai, RFID/MICR/Biometric Attendance Tracking System, Vehicle Management System, Appraisal Management System, Resume & Recruitment Management System, Self Service System, & Timesheet Management System.

That all vendors will come up to you with common Payroll Software features for the GCC and the MENA clients is sure.

·        Automatic Monthly Salary Calculation
·        Competent to calculate salary basic, allowances, & overtime.
·        Able to calculate salary general deductions and leave deductions.
·        Automatic loan accounting integration

What you should look into them is whether they offer some interesting features and are way from others. Take Paylite Payroll Software for example. Apart from these above-mentioned features into it, Paylite Payroll Software offers the following also:

·        Allows users to generate reports post-payroll
·        Gives them 360-degree view of those reports of payroll
·        Aligns with other crucial modules of it, thereby better streamlines and centralizes the whole HR Management System.
·        Defines unlimited earnings and deductions
·        Shows up English & Arabic interface
·        All earning and deduction heads can be suitably grouped to map in-to the cost/accounts head (optional) with automatic data transfer facility to general ledger/subsidiary ledger/ pay check/bank transfer/benefit admin process

The most striking feature of Paylite Payroll Software is it is exclusively built for the clients having their organization bases across the GCC member countries. Moreover, localized Payroll Software competent to meet conditions and requirements of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar, besides the countries of the MENA region is available from this Dubai-based software development company. 

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