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Thursday, February 27, 2014

HRMS Solution Developed to Suit Local Labour Regulations

Across the MENA region, there are many countries whose parts of labour regulations tend to conflict with many of the rest. As a result, implementation of any uniformly featured HR solutions to a company based in UAE and also in Saudi Arabia will most likely to deliver misleading outputs. Objective of their use will then naturally be never achieved.

Forget it. By using localized Paylite HR Solutions, its users will surely achieve their objective which is none but automation in delivering results and generating reports of employees, their leaves, loan status, benefits, attendances, status of their visa, passport, driving license, work permit, management of vehicles, insurances, and many more.

Built to comply with the country-wise labour regulations, Paylite HR Solutions- which include Human Resource Management Software, Payroll Software Oman, Self-Service, Recruitment & Resume Manager, Appraisal, Attendance System, and Vehicle Management System- can now meet them of eight major states. They are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Now that users of HR Solutions of those countries will have it capacitated to work in compliance with their labour laws. For example, a Saudi user company will find it compatible to work on GOSI and WPS compliance. Likewise, MOL requirements of an Egypt user company will be duly met.

A Bahrain user company would not face any trouble to work on LMRA, HCVT, GOSI, TOIL, and MOH parameters applicable to their labour laws, while its UAE users can generate EIF files and have full WPS compliance.

By implementing Paylite HR Solutions, users can automate their day-to-day HR functions. Until they are manually performed, there lies extreme likelihood of occurring errors and taking much longer time. Plus, complying with labour laws fully for users would be pretty difficult and labour-intensive, resulting in mistakes in reports.

Eliminate these fears by using Paylite HR Solutions. For Lebanon or Jordan user companies of these HR Solutions, meeting labour guidelines in their HR periphery comes to be easier and automated. OT Calculations for Jordan based companies or CNSS Calculations for Lebanon based companies will be just a click-away service. 

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