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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Localization of HRMS: Which HR Solutions suit requirements of the organizations based across the MENA region?

Efficient and cost-efficient human resource management is mission-critical for majority of organizations based across the MENA region. Although there are lots of human resource management system available on the market, sorry to say barely few of them come as a real useful by meeting the localized requirements. Till a few time ago, the backdrop of the HR Solutions wasn’t as promising as it is now with the arrival of the Paylite HR Solutions with the localization in HRMS.

As much as all localization of HRMS requirements of at leaset 8 MENA states are being duly complied at the implementation of Paylite HR Solutions. By using it, users might never feel the necessary features are lacking in them. If you still furrow your brows at such a claim, you may explore the features of Paylite HR Solutions. You’ll then come to know how well it meets the requirements of those countries of the MENA region and which fields it covers.

For the UAE based organizations, they are required to comply with the regulations of the UAE Ministry of Labour. With keeping this in view, the Paylite HR Solutions has been revamped with the features as mentioned below.

                                  Localization of HRM Software UAE

In order to streamline the wage payment process and meet the PASI and MOL requirements of Oman, a safe, secure, robust, and efficient HR Solutions has been developed. Have a look into their features below.

Localization in Payroll Software Oman

In Saudi Arabia, meeting labour regulations is prerequisite for organizations. The basic requirement starts with the electronic salary transfer to the employee accounts through the banking system. WPS compliance, compliance with GOSI parameters, Iqama, etc. can aid in this regard to make the whole working landscape successful. For this, Paylite HR Solutions about HRMS Saudi Arabia, Payroll Software SaudiArabia, and the rest of its other integral modules have been developed. Check out the features available in the products for the users of Saudi Arabia.

Localization of HRMS Saudi Arabia

The existing users of HR Solutions and those in the pipeline or considering to embark on this system to automate their HR functions are pretty aware of the local requirements. They are to comply with them or else incur penalties from labour regulation authority. Paylite HR Solutions must enable their users to work rightly in line with their localized parameters across all states of the MENA region. For more information please visit : Paylite Regional Localization


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