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Monday, March 17, 2014

HRMS Software for Dubai: Which features are mostly in demand?

When it comes to choosing a human resource management software for a Dubai-based organization, you need to look whether it has 5 basic features into it or not. Without their presence, many purposes of you to automate all HR functions of your organization will likely remain unfulfilled. So, your first task will be to rummage the software market thoroughly to trace out exactly those 5 features into the software while out to choose the HRMS Software Dubai.

Curious to know what are those features? Here they are.
ü WPS Compliance
ü Capacity to work as per the gratuity rules for full and final settlement
ü Capacity to meet MOL requirements
ü Generate EIF file
ü Generate HSBC net file, Citi Bank file
Before you choose one, check out the software specifications to make sure whether these features are built-in or not. The advantage of having them as built-in is you needn’t have to worry any further about feature customization service by the development company. However, this service is offered by almost all leading software companies, but the fact is that it takes time as well.

In order to avoid it, check in for the ready offering which top leading HRMS Software brands like the Paylite Software does usually offer. In fact, all of these features are perfectly available on the HRMS Software UAE.

Why necessary are these features for an HRMS Software Dubai? The answer is very simple. Many states across the MENA region usually stipulate some of a kind of their individual labour regulations. Organizations which have bases across them need to abide or comply with the localized labour regulations. UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Jordan are few of the sates in the MENA which have their own localized regulations too in addition to the common ones.

This is the reason your HR Management System has to have these above-mentioned features into it while being used by a user based in the UAE. Likewise, a user of HRMS Software Saudi Arabia need to check whether the system complies with the GOSI, Iqama, or has WPS compliance.

For Oman users of HRMS Software Oman, the scenario of requirements is almost similar. In their case, the system has to comply with the PASI and MOL requirements.

Unless the HR Management System is made to comply with the labour regulations of the state impeccably, the reports, results, and functioning of the HR will utterly conflict with them. As a result, users will fail to reap the profits of using automated HR management system and quite naturally, they will trail behind or be behind the eight ball. Does any organization like to stop growing or not to enjoy the benefits of automation? 


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