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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Employee Self Service System Seizes the Moment of Users’ Loyalty

Everything is nowadays inching upon the screens of smartphones. Unlike the past, you don’t have to count only on PCs or laptops to find out an unknown address, for example. You can get it on your smartphones either. So, isn’t technology taking the role of a game-changer? Doesn’t it fix users’ outlook in a considerable way? To understand it, look at the landscape of changed human resource management. Not only it is now automated thanks to the use of HRMS (Human Resource Management System), but also it is friendly with the latest technologies. The Employee Self Service System- a very significant HR module in the HRMS group- is the new addition lined up to seize the moment of HR people’s choice for automation and organizational benefits.  

Employee Self Service System now can work on Android and iOS based platforms also, giving its users an anytime-anywhere accessibility. This transition is an inflection point where a kind of something special change is visible and brought out into a technology to modulate it with the present requirements of users. With resizing Employee Self Service System up to meeting the present day needs, it’s intended to retain and raise users’ loyalty.

Check out the chart below before and after the upgrade of Paylite Employee Self Service System- a highly popular brand of Human Resource Management System all over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with its base in Dubai.

During the last past few years, the use of automated HR Solutions across various companies no matter of their size and shape has increased noticeably, giving a clear signal of faster shift of users’ choice towards the ease and convenience of users and precision and completion of workloads faster. With the arrival of smartphone-friendly HRMS, into which Employee Self Service System is a significant module, the shift of choice among users has become simply stronger.

Check out the benefits of using an Employee Self Service System which a user organization can score:

·         Automate and allow users to process HR works from a given dashboard
·         Physical attendance to forward or inquire of an application or its status is now redundant
·         Online access to individual employee saves and increases their work hours
·         Expenses saved
·         Data directly linked to payroll system
·         Access to dashboard from Android and iOS platforms

So, now, at the arrival of smartphone-friendly Employee Self Service System, communication between HR executives and employees has become just a click-away service. Both of them are unlikely to cast aspersions on its users ever. They seem to be increasing their liking for it instead and sticking to it more and more. Doesn’t this change indicate enough to the growth of users’ loyalty to their organizations?
See at this image below to know why users’ choice is increasingly leaning towards this convenient Employee Self Service System module.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Access Employee Self Service HR System from anywhere anytime

Thanks to the updation of Paylite HRMS, employees of a company will no long have to visit their HR office in order to apply for their leave or loan or request for expense recovery, air tickets, etc. They can now accomplish them simply by accessing to their Employee Self Service HR System from their Android or iOS smartphones! As a result, precious working hours of employees of a company can be saved and increase of company profits can be guaranteed. Is it the reason GCC/MENA based organizations are giving priority to Paylite HRMS over the rest of others?

Whatever the reasons are, Paylite Employee Self Service module- one of its significant human resource management system modules- spills over a can of user benefits.


  •         It cuts down unnecessary calls to HR department by employees seeking leave/loan/air ticket approval, etc.
  •         Allows employees to check their application status from their Android/iOS phones.
  •         Gives an efficient and organized workflow driven method to manage employee profiles, benefits, leaves, loan, salary calculations, etc.
  •         Expedites HR functioning
  • Why to choose Paylite Employee Self Service module over others?

 ü Well-structured navigation ensuring ease of use.
 ü Browser-based interface making across the office deployment a breeze.
 ü Android and iOS platform compliance.
 ü Implementable with Payroll System.

Like all modules of Paylite HRMS, this Employee Self Service module precisely conforms to the labour regulations of the GCC/MENA region. Although it comes up with a regionally universal format, it is customizable to the regulations of a country within the region. Could there be any alibi to not choose Paylite HRMS Employee Self Service System when so many benefits abound with?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Appraisal Management System for the UAE Users

Every organization has to assess performance of its staffs. Why this assessment is necessary must be known to everybody of you. From taking decision for an employee’s promotion to fixing their salary or increment or anything else, evaluation of an employee performance has an important role to play for all of them. So much so vital the role is, any mistake could lead to the loss of a company’s revenue or give rise to the resentment of employees. In order to ensure company managers take flawless decision about it, deploy an appraisal management system into an HR infrastructure and make use of it as binding for the HR managers.  

How does an Appraisal Management System ensure flawless HR decision?

Evaluation of an employee performance partakes in collective insights from more than one segments of an HR department. An intuitive appraisal management system can set compliancy among all those segments, expediting the preparation of appraisal reports conveniently. It collects data of individual employee from appraisee database, which receives inputs and insights from appraising managers. As a result, a complete appraisal report is created considering insights of various HR managers thereby eliminating the doubts of decisional flaws.

Features of an Appraisal Management System:

·        360° appraisal
·        Setup of Appraisal Managers and Appraisee
·        Outside contributor management
·        Appraisal template setup
·        Minimal training needed for all contributors
·        Quick access to appraisal history

Does a user require training to use an Appraisal Management System?

Hardly would they require any training. However, a formal training is provided to introduce the users with the features of this system. It is easy to use and user-friendly. Users get an easy access to the employee history which shows collective insights from various modules of an HR Management System.

HR insights and various other inputs percolate through various modules up to the Appraisal Management System to form an assessment report of an individual performance or a team performance. Look into the following diagram for an understanding of how those modules are related with one another and how a wheel of cycle rotates.

Depending on the insights and inputs of HR managers, an appraisal report is designed and finally reflects on the fate of employee. 

Paylite HRMS has brought in an exclusiveappraisal management system for the organizations having the base of operations across the GCC/MENA region. It is finely implementable with all HR modules so that relevant HR insights and inputs can be drawn and collected automatically. Aren’t these features of this system suitable for a flawless assessment of employees? Ask for a demo service of the system at your convenient time. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Localized HR Solutions for GCC Organizations

A GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region based organization has to set its HR parameters in abidance with country-specific labour regulations. It calls for the requirement of localized versions of HR Solutions. For instance, a payroll software being used by an organization based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ought to have features that must comply with the GOSI (General Organization for Social Insurance) principles or an Oman based organization has to comply with the PASI principles (Public Authority for Social Insurance).

Going by this requirement, an HR Solution, designed for the GCC region organizations, naturally tends to be diversely featured. Differing from one country to another in the same region in terms of their labour regulations, the developers of HR Solutions are to keep country-specific requirements and conditions.

Here is one of such an HR Solutions which offers full support and compliance with GOSI and WPS (Wage Protection System) of the KSA, PASI of Oman, MOL of Egypt and Oman, etc. Look at this infographic to understand which country seeks what conformities. 

Abiding by these set of regulations word-by-word, sailing through employee payment steps and conforming to the taxation rules turn out to be easier for the user organizations. Transactional activities remain also under the lens of the authorities. Also, the salary calculations and others become automated. For instance, CNSS calculations for the Lebanese organizations will be effortless and error-free once such an HR Solution comes to perform it.

In view of this requirement, regional localization of your HR Management Software will be the only solution. Do you want this solution for smooth and automated HR operations? Look no further beyond of Paylite’s Regional Localization Solution when it comes to this requirement. For more information please visit :

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Attendance System is a Revolutionary HR Solution

An attendance system works in compliance with payroll system. It collects attendance data which is integral to processing payroll of employees, besides supporting business operation and effective planning and staffing of an organization. Unlike payroll processing of the old days which used to perform through various complex layers, it is now directly aligned with attendance system. Employee attendance data is automatically mined by payroll software to calculate, deduct, and to eventually process payments of the employees. Did your old time HR functioning system perform so automatically?

You might remember those days when punch card was used. That punch card use could not stop attendance fraud. In order to prevent attendance manipulation, technological progress has brought secure attendance devices like biometric machine.

A biometric device requires fingerprint or facial recognition to trigger the start of a work shift. All of such devices function behind the scenes in an HRMS. They are a collection point capturing time and date of employee attendances to monitor employee work hours, which in turn contributes data to the payroll system within an HR Management System.

Attendance System in many companies is often deployed within devices carried into the workplace by employees themselves. Here the mention of Employee Self Service System should be made. It is deployable on Android and iOS platforms. Forward thinking HRMS developers tend to focus on the development of functionalities which can accelerate HR operations and finish them accurately.

Today’s attendance system is far removed from the days when a manager had to look himself log-in and log-out timings of the employees. Now, it is fully anti-fraud in terms of proxy attendance whereby controlling loss of work hours. Effective technology, and unfailing rules of the attendance system comply with payroll system fully and thus enhance HRMS ecosystem efficiently. Don’t you see a revolutionary change into this landscape?  For more information please visit :

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Use HR Management Software to Increase HR People Efficiency

HR Management System aims to centralizeassorted HR operations and give them an end-to-end solution. For it, integration of different HR modules to various work-specified HR departments is required so as to get them performed individually while all modules interlinking with one another seamlessly. The whole process performs in a matrix format wherein each department is linked to each other and if necessary, work reports could be drawn out from any of them at a click of mouse!

Doesn’t the process seem competent to deliver efficiency to the HR operations?

Let the picture further broken down for easier understanding.
Take for example the HR department of payroll. It is crucial from all aspects. Payroll Software can streamline its entire work liabilities precisely without manual intervention. In order to accomplish them, payroll solution draws out required data from other HR modules like HRMS, Attendance System, Appraisal System, etc.

Each of these modules has their distinct work responsibility. HRMS or Human Resource Management Software creates employee database and sends alerts to its users for various data related reasons. Attendance System records employee attendance data while Appraisal System monitors performances of employees.
Payroll System draws data from each of these systems and processes them for calculating salary of employees within an organization. It can also deduct salary and cam create savings on behalf of staffs when assigned.

Added to these workload reductions, an Employee Self Service System can amazingly reduce them to almost a zero! For example, a user can forward leave or loan or air ticket application requests to the HR from a mobile phone and can also check the status of their applications on anytime anywhere. They don’t require go up to the HR office. Nor do they have to repeat their visits to the HR office for application status check by putting off their works. This Employee Self Service System can incredibly save time and cost of an organization.

Don’t you think centralization of various HR operations through automated systems can reflect positively on HR performance?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How can an Employee Self Service System improve ecosystem of an organization?

Scoring a success entails entire engagement. Whether it is an organization or an individual, engagement should be out-and-out. Since this reason, various HR Solutions have developed an all-engaging system to collaborate works between HR professionals and employees. This ensures work conveniences for both of them and a stop to the waste of their working hours. Don’t you think an organization’s ecosystem can improve through the use of such a system?

No need to hazard your guess; here is an info graphic meant to simplify your understanding.  

Employee Self Service System establishes collaboration between HR professionals and general employees. By using this system, employees can send their application requests for leave/loan/air ticket or for various other purposes to their HR managers. Those applications are sometimes put across via their immediate managers while sometimes not. It depends on the preferences of organizations. In order to set preferences, customization of such an HR Management System may be required.

At the receipt of the application requests from the general employees, HR managers check them, deliberate on the validity of the requests, hold them if necessary, and let the employees know their decisions. All these happen one-on-one basis virtually into the system.

General employees can also keep track of the status of their application requests and come to know of their HR feedbacks from anywhere whenever they like. Most importantly, they don’t have to be before their desktop or laptop to know of their HR decisions. They can learn of them from their hand-held devices like the Android or iOS platforms also while on the move!

On the back way, the HR executives can also perform their HR activities on an anytime-anywhere basis. From checking requests of their staffs to giving their feedbacks, they can perform all of them from their mobile phones as well as on the traditional desktop or laptop systems. Don’t you see evolutions taking place in user organization’s ecosystem? It is due to the application of advanced technologies.

Take a peek into the world of Paylite HR Solutions, especially meant for the GCC/the MENA based organizations, and know how your whole lot of HR workflows can get evolved and streamlined.  For more information please visit :

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How much critical should an organization be in choosing various modules of HR Management System for automation of their HR operations?

Best choices can win a race. Keep it in mind while choosing various HR Management System modules from their long line of brands to fit your HR requirements. Achieving full power automation for multiple HR roles and setting a collaborative approach among them are predisposed with a critical search for the best performing HR solutions.

However, it is even more critical to ascertain the required extent of criticality for search of them. What is certainly required is the capability to dig out the right featured solutions to fit rightly the HR needs and conditions.

Features of HR Solutions change as geographic formats change. Paylite HR Management Software and several others are the examples which have geography based HR Solutions. For instance, Paylite HR Solutions are built to seamlessly befit with the HR requirements and conditions of those organizations which have their base of operations in the GCC/the MENA region.

Let’s deal with an HRMS brand and its features. Explore them critically before jumping into a conclusion. Making a comparison with those of its competitors will be advantageous to you. 

Choose the one HR Management Software which has crucial modules which function separately yet collaborate inextricably collaborating with one another like the following ones-

  •         Human Resource Management System
  •         Payroll Software
  •         Employee Self Service System
  •         Recruitment & Resume Management System
  •         Appraisal Management System
  •         Timesheet Management System
  •         Attendance System
  •         Vehicle Management System
  •         Regional Localization of the Systems

Each of these modules has their individual functioning, yet they are impeccably inter-linkable and collaborative. By being developed so, developers have facilitated HR professionals’ ways of functioning. For instance, once the profile details of an employee are put into the HRMS module, they get automatically transmitted to the rest of the modules. Payroll Software derives attendance data of employees to process salary calculations accordingly. Depending on the information derived from employee Self Service System module, Payroll, and HRMS modules, HR managers can evaluate employee performance precisely by using Appraisal Management System.

So, all these modules are inextricably linked together and perform together. As a result, a centralized and end-to-end HR functioning environment is set. Loads of HR works thereby start functioning fast and at the same time, HR managers can view and generate performance or other related reports on the fly and also on the move!

Do you still think making right selection of HR Solutions is a challenge? If yes, you may consult with a development company right here

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How is Payroll Software empowering an organization to be more efficient?

As a company grows, so grows its workload. Workforce swells up, number of payroll increases, and payroll management time tends to become longer- especially when they are maintained manually, managers pains tend to increase too. Deal them with a payroll software instead and see the magic of automation in payroll processing.
By replacing a manual payroll management method with an automatic application functionality, namely a payroll software, you will not only be automating your payroll processes, but also leveraging the system to utilize the core competencies of your HR professionals into broader field. Engage HR professionals into various other fields while rescuing them from the pains of keeping their back hunched upon spreadsheets continually for exact payroll calculation results! In doing so, you are thus helping your company to forge ahead.

Why still drag out accounting job? Embrace automated payroll process & streamline it. Paylite Payroll Software ensures it.

Benefits of using Payroll Software:
  •         Automates payroll process
  •         Enables users with auto-calculations
  •         System aligns with others HR Solutions
  •         Supports tax and banks regulations for salary transfer
  •         View host of post-payroll reports fully and generate reports if required

As a payroll software aids in managingemployee payroll related matters automatically, and bridges with other modules of HR Solutions such as HRMS, Self Service System, Attendance System, Vehicle Management System, Timesheet Management System, etc., you can accomplish wads of works at clicks! Doesn’t this application functionality seem to be able to empower an organization’s varied work lines?

Monday, May 12, 2014

HR Management Software: Is its implementation meant only for automation of HR functioning?

Achieving automation for HR operations is obviously the meat point of HRMS implementation to an existing HR format. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean as its sole objective! It brings precision in performance and security for database management also.

Besides them, there are few known benefits as well. They are

  •         Staff productivity enhancement
  •         Prompt service
  •         Guarantee of error-free performance

But, the former two, namely the precision and the security, are the two leading points distinguishing the necessity of HR Management Software implementation.

Precision in performance makes a huge difference! HR operations include payroll process, managing leave/loan/air ticket requests of employees, staff performance evaluation, monitoring their attendances, reimbursing and controlling expenses, among many others. The list is quite long! But, when an HRMS is brought into your HR setup, it starts streamlining them. Until the data inputs are accurate, the system will be giving accurate outputs to the distributed channels through a secured interlinking system.

Take the example of Employee Attendance System. As and when an employee checks in or checks out his/her office, his/her attendance is recorded into the system via RFID/MICR/Bio-metric devices. The attendance data gets transmitted to various HR Management Software Systems – the Payroll System in particular. Attendance data transmission facilitates payroll calculations, evaluation of employee performance, and so forth. 

HR Management Software Process
Implementation of HRMS ensures achievement of automation, higher efficiency, cost and time reduction, and a collaborative platform. Consider the Employee Self Service System as an example. By using it, employees can send and view leave/loan/air ticket etc. requests online as well as Android and iOS phones. The striking aspect is both employees and HR managers can use it remotely and execute their decisions remotely! As a result, both time and labour are saved, data security is fully maintained, and HR functioning becomes highly efficient! Do you see HRMS still as only a tool for automation? 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Payroll Software: Why does an organization need it?

Isn’t the scene very common in office circles where an accountant is seen as calculating salary and expenses all the time with their back hunched over spreadsheets? This scene and their practice would make you feel tired as you see, and wonder why they’ve not yet got payroll software. Does it mean this system gives them complete solutions for office employee salary calculations and their transfer to employee bank accounts?

Yes, this is right! By implementing a payroll software program, organizations can bring in striking efficiency to their HR roles while alleviating pains substantially! In addition, they can gain:
  • Automation and Cost savings
  •  Efficiency and time savings
  • Control
  • Security and peace of mind 
By implementing payroll software, HR accountants’ tasks to calculate employee salary, make deductions if any, and manage their allowances get sped up. Salary inputs are automatically processed, thereby reducing time and enhancing productivity. As automation comes in place, number of HR people engagement becomes reduced, which leads to cost savings!

System performs calculations. As a result, chances of making errors are almost eliminated until wrong inputs are made. This enhances efficiency of HR functioning surely.

Smart businesses integrate payroll software with their HR setup. They also align this system with banking system to transfer employee salary on timely basis. For instance, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where WPS (wage protection system) compliance is required, KSA organizations bring payroll software in line to support the WPS System. Through the best kind of payroll software implementation, employees’ salary transfer remain in full control.

As soon as you require a payroll report, you can generate it without additional cost or hassle. HR professionals don’t require worrying about it. Nor do they require worrying for data security. So, peace of mind is fully guaranteed.

One of such excellent payroll software systems is Paylite Payroll Software. This system is like other eight modules of HR Solutions - which include HRMS, Self Service, Resume and Recruitment Manager, Appraisal, Timesheet, Regional Localization of these systems, Attendance System, Vehicle Management System – built with the latest Microsoft™ technologies.

Did you know labour regulations tend to vary from one region to another? Even country to country variations in labour laws are present! Keeping this in mind, Paylite Payroll Software has been developed to fit with the requirements and conditions of the GCC and the MENA regions. As much as, they can also fully comply with the country-specific labour regulations of these regions! Do you find all these excellent features present in any other system than Paylite HR Solutions? For more information please visit :

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How is Recruitment and Resume Management System simplifying employee hiring processes?

Selecting right candidates from hundreds of them is a real challenge in a recruitment process. It goes through a series of complex processes. These processes become even more complex when the recruiting organization wants the process complete faster.

Depending on the volume of the organization, the costs involved in the recruitment process could be pretty higher. So, for this reason, it is important for the organization to make it as streamlined as possible.

In order to do so, an organization should consider installing automated recruiting technology to their HR setup. By implementing a Recruitment and Resume Management System, HR managers can get relief from their bulk recruitment duties. The system will enable them to shortlist and select the right candidate for the role without having them to spend tediously long time on the data entry jobs.

A considerable part of time in recruitment process is spent on advertising and posting job vacancies. HR managers get involved into doing them. They are to contact with media vendors to post vacancies and perform advertising responsibilities. This consequently tends to take a long time.

Implement a Recruitment and Resume Management System to an HR setup and see the difference between the results of a manual HR performance and an automated HR performance. This system will independently manage this by handling and grouping details of jobs, which otherwise have to be manually maintained by a staff. As a result, your HR staffs will require doing minimum paperwork and they will be able to focus more on management areas!

Benefits of Recruitment and Resume Management System at a glance:
·        Post vacancy
·        Resume classification and storage for easy retrieval
·        Tracking of candidates coming through Recruitment agencies
·        Short-listing and interview scheduling
·        Setup of Interview parameters and rating of candidates
·        Setting up of Interview calendar for interviewers
·        Check references
·        Addition of selected candidates to HR system
·        Reduces cost per hire

By integrating this system to an HR setup, the user company will have all these jobs done automatically. For instance, nowadays job applicants forward their resumes online and company HR staffs store them and retrieve them from their storage when necessary. The storage includes assorted variety of candidate profiles, but the requirement as of now is only for a kind of particular profile. This system will help them to retrieve the exact matching profiles based on the skills and experience from the storage at their single click!

From creating resume groups to retrieving them when necessary to facilitating a selection method, the Resumeand Recruitment Manager System can remove all stresses in therecruitment process. Plus, it will ensure the right person is hired for the role.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why is retooling necessary for Human Resource Management Software?

Software applications are updated all the time. While one is showing a development, the other has to show an excellence over it. Take an example of human resource management software. To fit their users’ requirements, and desired level of conveniences, their developers update them time to time.

In addition, HRMS updates are often required to keep up with the changes made many times in labour regulations of a country. Paylite HRMS Software is especially built tobefit the requirements and conditions of the GCC and the MENA member countries.

With the release of the latest version 4.0, it brings a set of changes necessary for the users’ convenience. Take a look here to know how beautifully it can serve the automation purposes of its users.

Now, users are enabled to configure and define their business events, add their own fields and forms, and customize user-defined reports as well as edit existing reports. As its architecture is now made code free, users require no coding expertise. The extent of training it provides will be sufficient to support their customization needs.

Observing organizations tend to embark their whole set of HR functioning on automated functionality platform, software development companies are coming up with better and innovative applications.

Now, employee attendance system is made available on mobile phones. Compatible with iOS and Android phones, biometric/RFID/MICR attendance system can be remotely used and accessed. HR professionals can monitor their staffs’ attendances, even if they are away from office premises.

Until a few years back, monitoring consumption of office vehicles’ fuel, delegation of their drivers’ duties, etc. used to be performed manually, resulting in intentional as well as interpretational errors. With vehicle management system, the process has become automated and chances of getting errors are very little.

Automation is the soul of success. By integrating these software applications along with HRMS Software into an HR facility, an organization can streamline its HR functioning in much better and efficient ways.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HR Management Software Implementation is a revamp of old style HR working

Why will you stay put in old style of performing HR duties? Does it make any sense by sticking to it? Switching to automation is now expedient under the considerations of faster marketplace dynamism, necessity to build up collaborative approach, and achieving higher-efficiency.

In addition, replacement of paper-based, error-prone, and time-consuming HR operations will be possible. So, by introducing automated HR Solutions, you are ensuring both HR professionals and company staffs get freedom from their day-to-day challenges and deliver results.

Here are the HR modules which you can see in a suite of HR Management Software.
Before starting off, one point is very significant to know. Every country has its own labour regulations. HR Solutions are designed to perform and deliver according to their requirements and conditions.

Similar scene is present across all member countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). While an organization having a base of operations in the region and looking for an HRMS, it will choose the one which can exactly comply with their localized requirements and conditions.
Here is an example of HR Solutions suite which has full compliance with the GCC labour laws. Branded as Paylite HR Management Software, it offers HR solutions as per the regional and localized needs and conditions of the GCC and the MENA. Built on the latest technologies of Microsoft, this top leading brand includes the following modules:

·        HRMS or Human Resource Management Software
·        Payroll Software
·        Appraisal System
·        Resume and Recruitment Management System
·        Timesheet System
·        Self Service System
·        Attendance System
·        Vehicle Management System
·        Regional Localization of HR Solutions

By implementing Paylite HR Management Software an organization can achieve a number of benefits. Look at this infographic to know those benefits.

 Brief Product Implementation Benefits:

HRMS automates managing employee information up to giving vital alters for various events like expiry of driving license, visa, work permit, etc.

Payroll Software helps automating employees’ payroll related issues like doing calculations, salary transfer, deductions, or having WPS compliance.

Self Service System enables employees to access vital HR info and perform key HR functions like making and forwarding leave/loan applications through automated process up to getting approval. Requests and approval for air tickets, training, salary certificate, introduction letter, etc. can also be processed.

Attendance System records log-in and log-out timings via automated process, thereby preventing proxy attendance and increasing productivity. Paylite Attendance System is integratable with RFID, MICR, and Bio-metric devices.

Vehicle Management System can control fuel consumption, company vehicle related expenses and distribution of work orders, among others.

Timesheet Management System helps managing human resource effectively and efficiently, besides accounting for time as per deployment of projects and generating multi-dimensional reports for client groups, clients, and projects.

Appraisal System ensures smooth access to employee history and retrieves all data for processing 360-degree appraisal.

In addition, all of these systems are competent to comply with localization requirements and conditions of any member country across the GCC and the MENA regions.