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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Payroll Software: Why does an organization need it?

Isn’t the scene very common in office circles where an accountant is seen as calculating salary and expenses all the time with their back hunched over spreadsheets? This scene and their practice would make you feel tired as you see, and wonder why they’ve not yet got payroll software. Does it mean this system gives them complete solutions for office employee salary calculations and their transfer to employee bank accounts?

Yes, this is right! By implementing a payroll software program, organizations can bring in striking efficiency to their HR roles while alleviating pains substantially! In addition, they can gain:
  • Automation and Cost savings
  •  Efficiency and time savings
  • Control
  • Security and peace of mind 
By implementing payroll software, HR accountants’ tasks to calculate employee salary, make deductions if any, and manage their allowances get sped up. Salary inputs are automatically processed, thereby reducing time and enhancing productivity. As automation comes in place, number of HR people engagement becomes reduced, which leads to cost savings!

System performs calculations. As a result, chances of making errors are almost eliminated until wrong inputs are made. This enhances efficiency of HR functioning surely.

Smart businesses integrate payroll software with their HR setup. They also align this system with banking system to transfer employee salary on timely basis. For instance, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where WPS (wage protection system) compliance is required, KSA organizations bring payroll software in line to support the WPS System. Through the best kind of payroll software implementation, employees’ salary transfer remain in full control.

As soon as you require a payroll report, you can generate it without additional cost or hassle. HR professionals don’t require worrying about it. Nor do they require worrying for data security. So, peace of mind is fully guaranteed.

One of such excellent payroll software systems is Paylite Payroll Software. This system is like other eight modules of HR Solutions - which include HRMS, Self Service, Resume and Recruitment Manager, Appraisal, Timesheet, Regional Localization of these systems, Attendance System, Vehicle Management System – built with the latest Microsoft™ technologies.

Did you know labour regulations tend to vary from one region to another? Even country to country variations in labour laws are present! Keeping this in mind, Paylite Payroll Software has been developed to fit with the requirements and conditions of the GCC and the MENA regions. As much as, they can also fully comply with the country-specific labour regulations of these regions! Do you find all these excellent features present in any other system than Paylite HR Solutions? For more information please visit :


  1. Being a Guelph Payroll Service provoder I knew that companies need payroll software but it is not applicable to all the companies. Some business owner tend to manage the HR tasks manually only, cutting the overhead of managing the software.

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  3. Available with some payroll software solutions, employee calendars give you a super easy way to manage sick leave, absences and overtime. HR Chronicle