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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

HRMS Software Dubai & Payroll Software Dubai: Why should go for them?

In order to expedite huge HR activities of an organization, free manual HR functions from committing frequent errors, and complying with labour regulations of a region flawlessly, besides saving costs for maintaining huge human resources in a manual HR setup, the necessity of HRMS Software Dubai and Payroll Software Dubai integration stands unavoidable.

When these HR Software Solutions are gateway to automation, no size and volume of organization can shun them. In fact, a series of benefits starts pouring in at their integration. Let’s discuss the benefits.

Benefits of using HR Solutions:

Automates organizational HR activities
Truncates costs arising from huge HR management maintenance
Scales up performance management through Attendance System
Empowers employees through extensive Self-Service module
Generates reports in a flash
Frees chances of making errors
Puts in dynamism at HR functioning

There are many more perceivable advantages attainable from the use of automated HR Software Solutions. Mentioned above are only the tip of an iceberg! By using these solutions could enable an organization that is working under the GCC and the MENA conditions and requirements comply with them automatically.

How does integration of an HRMS Software Dubai benefit an organization?

Can automate employee information management
Provided with a dashboard for instant access to information
Gives alerts automatically prior to the expiry date of important documents like driving license, visa, work permit, passport, etc.
Stores employees’ educational and professional profiles, skills, salary progression, etc.
Has compliance with the GCC and MENA conditions and requirements

How does integration of Payroll Software Dubai benefit an organization?

Automates payroll process using data from self-service, leave, and loan applications
Integrates leave and loan accounting
Defines unlimited earnings and deductions
Tracks salary progression
Gives users 360-degree view of post-payroll picture
Generates reports at a click

Though these HR Management Software Solutions are ready to be integrated and suit the regional conditions and labour regulations seamlessly, they can also be tailor-made as per the unique organizational requirements. Unlike many oddly performing HR Solutions, the HRMS Software Dubai and Payroll Software Dubai modules branded under Paylite Software are proven as high-performing, user-friendly, and flexible. Check out the list of its satisfied clients across the GCC and the MENA regions. Top of all, its localized versions with timely updates and flexibility for customization will be attractive features for users seeking out to upgrade their HR setup from manual to automation. Are you one among them? Check out here for their interesting features and fabulous offers.

Monday, March 17, 2014

HRMS Software for Dubai: Which features are mostly in demand?

When it comes to choosing a human resource management software for a Dubai-based organization, you need to look whether it has 5 basic features into it or not. Without their presence, many purposes of you to automate all HR functions of your organization will likely remain unfulfilled. So, your first task will be to rummage the software market thoroughly to trace out exactly those 5 features into the software while out to choose the HRMS Software Dubai.

Curious to know what are those features? Here they are.
ü WPS Compliance
ü Capacity to work as per the gratuity rules for full and final settlement
ü Capacity to meet MOL requirements
ü Generate EIF file
ü Generate HSBC net file, Citi Bank file
Before you choose one, check out the software specifications to make sure whether these features are built-in or not. The advantage of having them as built-in is you needn’t have to worry any further about feature customization service by the development company. However, this service is offered by almost all leading software companies, but the fact is that it takes time as well.

In order to avoid it, check in for the ready offering which top leading HRMS Software brands like the Paylite Software does usually offer. In fact, all of these features are perfectly available on the HRMS Software UAE.

Why necessary are these features for an HRMS Software Dubai? The answer is very simple. Many states across the MENA region usually stipulate some of a kind of their individual labour regulations. Organizations which have bases across them need to abide or comply with the localized labour regulations. UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Jordan are few of the sates in the MENA which have their own localized regulations too in addition to the common ones.

This is the reason your HR Management System has to have these above-mentioned features into it while being used by a user based in the UAE. Likewise, a user of HRMS Software Saudi Arabia need to check whether the system complies with the GOSI, Iqama, or has WPS compliance.

For Oman users of HRMS Software Oman, the scenario of requirements is almost similar. In their case, the system has to comply with the PASI and MOL requirements.

Unless the HR Management System is made to comply with the labour regulations of the state impeccably, the reports, results, and functioning of the HR will utterly conflict with them. As a result, users will fail to reap the profits of using automated HR management system and quite naturally, they will trail behind or be behind the eight ball. Does any organization like to stop growing or not to enjoy the benefits of automation? 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Localization of HRMS: Which HR Solutions suit requirements of the organizations based across the MENA region?

Efficient and cost-efficient human resource management is mission-critical for majority of organizations based across the MENA region. Although there are lots of human resource management system available on the market, sorry to say barely few of them come as a real useful by meeting the localized requirements. Till a few time ago, the backdrop of the HR Solutions wasn’t as promising as it is now with the arrival of the Paylite HR Solutions with the localization in HRMS.

As much as all localization of HRMS requirements of at leaset 8 MENA states are being duly complied at the implementation of Paylite HR Solutions. By using it, users might never feel the necessary features are lacking in them. If you still furrow your brows at such a claim, you may explore the features of Paylite HR Solutions. You’ll then come to know how well it meets the requirements of those countries of the MENA region and which fields it covers.

For the UAE based organizations, they are required to comply with the regulations of the UAE Ministry of Labour. With keeping this in view, the Paylite HR Solutions has been revamped with the features as mentioned below.

                                  Localization of HRM Software UAE

In order to streamline the wage payment process and meet the PASI and MOL requirements of Oman, a safe, secure, robust, and efficient HR Solutions has been developed. Have a look into their features below.

Localization in Payroll Software Oman

In Saudi Arabia, meeting labour regulations is prerequisite for organizations. The basic requirement starts with the electronic salary transfer to the employee accounts through the banking system. WPS compliance, compliance with GOSI parameters, Iqama, etc. can aid in this regard to make the whole working landscape successful. For this, Paylite HR Solutions about HRMS Saudi Arabia, Payroll Software SaudiArabia, and the rest of its other integral modules have been developed. Check out the features available in the products for the users of Saudi Arabia.

Localization of HRMS Saudi Arabia

The existing users of HR Solutions and those in the pipeline or considering to embark on this system to automate their HR functions are pretty aware of the local requirements. They are to comply with them or else incur penalties from labour regulation authority. Paylite HR Solutions must enable their users to work rightly in line with their localized parameters across all states of the MENA region. For more information please visit : Paylite Regional Localization