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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Localized HR Solutions for GCC Organizations

A GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region based organization has to set its HR parameters in abidance with country-specific labour regulations. It calls for the requirement of localized versions of HR Solutions. For instance, a payroll software being used by an organization based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ought to have features that must comply with the GOSI (General Organization for Social Insurance) principles or an Oman based organization has to comply with the PASI principles (Public Authority for Social Insurance).

Going by this requirement, an HR Solution, designed for the GCC region organizations, naturally tends to be diversely featured. Differing from one country to another in the same region in terms of their labour regulations, the developers of HR Solutions are to keep country-specific requirements and conditions.

Here is one of such an HR Solutions which offers full support and compliance with GOSI and WPS (Wage Protection System) of the KSA, PASI of Oman, MOL of Egypt and Oman, etc. Look at this infographic to understand which country seeks what conformities. 

Abiding by these set of regulations word-by-word, sailing through employee payment steps and conforming to the taxation rules turn out to be easier for the user organizations. Transactional activities remain also under the lens of the authorities. Also, the salary calculations and others become automated. For instance, CNSS calculations for the Lebanese organizations will be effortless and error-free once such an HR Solution comes to perform it.

In view of this requirement, regional localization of your HR Management Software will be the only solution. Do you want this solution for smooth and automated HR operations? Look no further beyond of Paylite’s Regional Localization Solution when it comes to this requirement. For more information please visit :

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Attendance System is a Revolutionary HR Solution

An attendance system works in compliance with payroll system. It collects attendance data which is integral to processing payroll of employees, besides supporting business operation and effective planning and staffing of an organization. Unlike payroll processing of the old days which used to perform through various complex layers, it is now directly aligned with attendance system. Employee attendance data is automatically mined by payroll software to calculate, deduct, and to eventually process payments of the employees. Did your old time HR functioning system perform so automatically?

You might remember those days when punch card was used. That punch card use could not stop attendance fraud. In order to prevent attendance manipulation, technological progress has brought secure attendance devices like biometric machine.

A biometric device requires fingerprint or facial recognition to trigger the start of a work shift. All of such devices function behind the scenes in an HRMS. They are a collection point capturing time and date of employee attendances to monitor employee work hours, which in turn contributes data to the payroll system within an HR Management System.

Attendance System in many companies is often deployed within devices carried into the workplace by employees themselves. Here the mention of Employee Self Service System should be made. It is deployable on Android and iOS platforms. Forward thinking HRMS developers tend to focus on the development of functionalities which can accelerate HR operations and finish them accurately.

Today’s attendance system is far removed from the days when a manager had to look himself log-in and log-out timings of the employees. Now, it is fully anti-fraud in terms of proxy attendance whereby controlling loss of work hours. Effective technology, and unfailing rules of the attendance system comply with payroll system fully and thus enhance HRMS ecosystem efficiently. Don’t you see a revolutionary change into this landscape?  For more information please visit :

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Use HR Management Software to Increase HR People Efficiency

HR Management System aims to centralizeassorted HR operations and give them an end-to-end solution. For it, integration of different HR modules to various work-specified HR departments is required so as to get them performed individually while all modules interlinking with one another seamlessly. The whole process performs in a matrix format wherein each department is linked to each other and if necessary, work reports could be drawn out from any of them at a click of mouse!

Doesn’t the process seem competent to deliver efficiency to the HR operations?

Let the picture further broken down for easier understanding.
Take for example the HR department of payroll. It is crucial from all aspects. Payroll Software can streamline its entire work liabilities precisely without manual intervention. In order to accomplish them, payroll solution draws out required data from other HR modules like HRMS, Attendance System, Appraisal System, etc.

Each of these modules has their distinct work responsibility. HRMS or Human Resource Management Software creates employee database and sends alerts to its users for various data related reasons. Attendance System records employee attendance data while Appraisal System monitors performances of employees.
Payroll System draws data from each of these systems and processes them for calculating salary of employees within an organization. It can also deduct salary and cam create savings on behalf of staffs when assigned.

Added to these workload reductions, an Employee Self Service System can amazingly reduce them to almost a zero! For example, a user can forward leave or loan or air ticket application requests to the HR from a mobile phone and can also check the status of their applications on anytime anywhere. They don’t require go up to the HR office. Nor do they have to repeat their visits to the HR office for application status check by putting off their works. This Employee Self Service System can incredibly save time and cost of an organization.

Don’t you think centralization of various HR operations through automated systems can reflect positively on HR performance?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How can an Employee Self Service System improve ecosystem of an organization?

Scoring a success entails entire engagement. Whether it is an organization or an individual, engagement should be out-and-out. Since this reason, various HR Solutions have developed an all-engaging system to collaborate works between HR professionals and employees. This ensures work conveniences for both of them and a stop to the waste of their working hours. Don’t you think an organization’s ecosystem can improve through the use of such a system?

No need to hazard your guess; here is an info graphic meant to simplify your understanding.  

Employee Self Service System establishes collaboration between HR professionals and general employees. By using this system, employees can send their application requests for leave/loan/air ticket or for various other purposes to their HR managers. Those applications are sometimes put across via their immediate managers while sometimes not. It depends on the preferences of organizations. In order to set preferences, customization of such an HR Management System may be required.

At the receipt of the application requests from the general employees, HR managers check them, deliberate on the validity of the requests, hold them if necessary, and let the employees know their decisions. All these happen one-on-one basis virtually into the system.

General employees can also keep track of the status of their application requests and come to know of their HR feedbacks from anywhere whenever they like. Most importantly, they don’t have to be before their desktop or laptop to know of their HR decisions. They can learn of them from their hand-held devices like the Android or iOS platforms also while on the move!

On the back way, the HR executives can also perform their HR activities on an anytime-anywhere basis. From checking requests of their staffs to giving their feedbacks, they can perform all of them from their mobile phones as well as on the traditional desktop or laptop systems. Don’t you see evolutions taking place in user organization’s ecosystem? It is due to the application of advanced technologies.

Take a peek into the world of Paylite HR Solutions, especially meant for the GCC/the MENA based organizations, and know how your whole lot of HR workflows can get evolved and streamlined.  For more information please visit :