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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Attendance System is a Revolutionary HR Solution

An attendance system works in compliance with payroll system. It collects attendance data which is integral to processing payroll of employees, besides supporting business operation and effective planning and staffing of an organization. Unlike payroll processing of the old days which used to perform through various complex layers, it is now directly aligned with attendance system. Employee attendance data is automatically mined by payroll software to calculate, deduct, and to eventually process payments of the employees. Did your old time HR functioning system perform so automatically?

You might remember those days when punch card was used. That punch card use could not stop attendance fraud. In order to prevent attendance manipulation, technological progress has brought secure attendance devices like biometric machine.

A biometric device requires fingerprint or facial recognition to trigger the start of a work shift. All of such devices function behind the scenes in an HRMS. They are a collection point capturing time and date of employee attendances to monitor employee work hours, which in turn contributes data to the payroll system within an HR Management System.

Attendance System in many companies is often deployed within devices carried into the workplace by employees themselves. Here the mention of Employee Self Service System should be made. It is deployable on Android and iOS platforms. Forward thinking HRMS developers tend to focus on the development of functionalities which can accelerate HR operations and finish them accurately.

Today’s attendance system is far removed from the days when a manager had to look himself log-in and log-out timings of the employees. Now, it is fully anti-fraud in terms of proxy attendance whereby controlling loss of work hours. Effective technology, and unfailing rules of the attendance system comply with payroll system fully and thus enhance HRMS ecosystem efficiently. Don’t you see a revolutionary change into this landscape?  For more information please visit :

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