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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How can an Employee Self Service System improve ecosystem of an organization?

Scoring a success entails entire engagement. Whether it is an organization or an individual, engagement should be out-and-out. Since this reason, various HR Solutions have developed an all-engaging system to collaborate works between HR professionals and employees. This ensures work conveniences for both of them and a stop to the waste of their working hours. Don’t you think an organization’s ecosystem can improve through the use of such a system?

No need to hazard your guess; here is an info graphic meant to simplify your understanding.  

Employee Self Service System establishes collaboration between HR professionals and general employees. By using this system, employees can send their application requests for leave/loan/air ticket or for various other purposes to their HR managers. Those applications are sometimes put across via their immediate managers while sometimes not. It depends on the preferences of organizations. In order to set preferences, customization of such an HR Management System may be required.

At the receipt of the application requests from the general employees, HR managers check them, deliberate on the validity of the requests, hold them if necessary, and let the employees know their decisions. All these happen one-on-one basis virtually into the system.

General employees can also keep track of the status of their application requests and come to know of their HR feedbacks from anywhere whenever they like. Most importantly, they don’t have to be before their desktop or laptop to know of their HR decisions. They can learn of them from their hand-held devices like the Android or iOS platforms also while on the move!

On the back way, the HR executives can also perform their HR activities on an anytime-anywhere basis. From checking requests of their staffs to giving their feedbacks, they can perform all of them from their mobile phones as well as on the traditional desktop or laptop systems. Don’t you see evolutions taking place in user organization’s ecosystem? It is due to the application of advanced technologies.

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