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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How is Recruitment and Resume Management System simplifying employee hiring processes?

Selecting right candidates from hundreds of them is a real challenge in a recruitment process. It goes through a series of complex processes. These processes become even more complex when the recruiting organization wants the process complete faster.

Depending on the volume of the organization, the costs involved in the recruitment process could be pretty higher. So, for this reason, it is important for the organization to make it as streamlined as possible.

In order to do so, an organization should consider installing automated recruiting technology to their HR setup. By implementing a Recruitment and Resume Management System, HR managers can get relief from their bulk recruitment duties. The system will enable them to shortlist and select the right candidate for the role without having them to spend tediously long time on the data entry jobs.

A considerable part of time in recruitment process is spent on advertising and posting job vacancies. HR managers get involved into doing them. They are to contact with media vendors to post vacancies and perform advertising responsibilities. This consequently tends to take a long time.

Implement a Recruitment and Resume Management System to an HR setup and see the difference between the results of a manual HR performance and an automated HR performance. This system will independently manage this by handling and grouping details of jobs, which otherwise have to be manually maintained by a staff. As a result, your HR staffs will require doing minimum paperwork and they will be able to focus more on management areas!

Benefits of Recruitment and Resume Management System at a glance:
·        Post vacancy
·        Resume classification and storage for easy retrieval
·        Tracking of candidates coming through Recruitment agencies
·        Short-listing and interview scheduling
·        Setup of Interview parameters and rating of candidates
·        Setting up of Interview calendar for interviewers
·        Check references
·        Addition of selected candidates to HR system
·        Reduces cost per hire

By integrating this system to an HR setup, the user company will have all these jobs done automatically. For instance, nowadays job applicants forward their resumes online and company HR staffs store them and retrieve them from their storage when necessary. The storage includes assorted variety of candidate profiles, but the requirement as of now is only for a kind of particular profile. This system will help them to retrieve the exact matching profiles based on the skills and experience from the storage at their single click!

From creating resume groups to retrieving them when necessary to facilitating a selection method, the Resumeand Recruitment Manager System can remove all stresses in therecruitment process. Plus, it will ensure the right person is hired for the role.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why is retooling necessary for Human Resource Management Software?

Software applications are updated all the time. While one is showing a development, the other has to show an excellence over it. Take an example of human resource management software. To fit their users’ requirements, and desired level of conveniences, their developers update them time to time.

In addition, HRMS updates are often required to keep up with the changes made many times in labour regulations of a country. Paylite HRMS Software is especially built tobefit the requirements and conditions of the GCC and the MENA member countries.

With the release of the latest version 4.0, it brings a set of changes necessary for the users’ convenience. Take a look here to know how beautifully it can serve the automation purposes of its users.

Now, users are enabled to configure and define their business events, add their own fields and forms, and customize user-defined reports as well as edit existing reports. As its architecture is now made code free, users require no coding expertise. The extent of training it provides will be sufficient to support their customization needs.

Observing organizations tend to embark their whole set of HR functioning on automated functionality platform, software development companies are coming up with better and innovative applications.

Now, employee attendance system is made available on mobile phones. Compatible with iOS and Android phones, biometric/RFID/MICR attendance system can be remotely used and accessed. HR professionals can monitor their staffs’ attendances, even if they are away from office premises.

Until a few years back, monitoring consumption of office vehicles’ fuel, delegation of their drivers’ duties, etc. used to be performed manually, resulting in intentional as well as interpretational errors. With vehicle management system, the process has become automated and chances of getting errors are very little.

Automation is the soul of success. By integrating these software applications along with HRMS Software into an HR facility, an organization can streamline its HR functioning in much better and efficient ways.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HR Management Software Implementation is a revamp of old style HR working

Why will you stay put in old style of performing HR duties? Does it make any sense by sticking to it? Switching to automation is now expedient under the considerations of faster marketplace dynamism, necessity to build up collaborative approach, and achieving higher-efficiency.

In addition, replacement of paper-based, error-prone, and time-consuming HR operations will be possible. So, by introducing automated HR Solutions, you are ensuring both HR professionals and company staffs get freedom from their day-to-day challenges and deliver results.

Here are the HR modules which you can see in a suite of HR Management Software.
Before starting off, one point is very significant to know. Every country has its own labour regulations. HR Solutions are designed to perform and deliver according to their requirements and conditions.

Similar scene is present across all member countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). While an organization having a base of operations in the region and looking for an HRMS, it will choose the one which can exactly comply with their localized requirements and conditions.
Here is an example of HR Solutions suite which has full compliance with the GCC labour laws. Branded as Paylite HR Management Software, it offers HR solutions as per the regional and localized needs and conditions of the GCC and the MENA. Built on the latest technologies of Microsoft, this top leading brand includes the following modules:

·        HRMS or Human Resource Management Software
·        Payroll Software
·        Appraisal System
·        Resume and Recruitment Management System
·        Timesheet System
·        Self Service System
·        Attendance System
·        Vehicle Management System
·        Regional Localization of HR Solutions

By implementing Paylite HR Management Software an organization can achieve a number of benefits. Look at this infographic to know those benefits.

 Brief Product Implementation Benefits:

HRMS automates managing employee information up to giving vital alters for various events like expiry of driving license, visa, work permit, etc.

Payroll Software helps automating employees’ payroll related issues like doing calculations, salary transfer, deductions, or having WPS compliance.

Self Service System enables employees to access vital HR info and perform key HR functions like making and forwarding leave/loan applications through automated process up to getting approval. Requests and approval for air tickets, training, salary certificate, introduction letter, etc. can also be processed.

Attendance System records log-in and log-out timings via automated process, thereby preventing proxy attendance and increasing productivity. Paylite Attendance System is integratable with RFID, MICR, and Bio-metric devices.

Vehicle Management System can control fuel consumption, company vehicle related expenses and distribution of work orders, among others.

Timesheet Management System helps managing human resource effectively and efficiently, besides accounting for time as per deployment of projects and generating multi-dimensional reports for client groups, clients, and projects.

Appraisal System ensures smooth access to employee history and retrieves all data for processing 360-degree appraisal.

In addition, all of these systems are competent to comply with localization requirements and conditions of any member country across the GCC and the MENA regions.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

HR Management Software Plays Role of an Accelerant for an Organization’s Growth

Embark on automation to reach your goal. This is the theme which every organization of these days seems to pursue to guarantee their smooth ride on their market challenges. They use HR Management Software to aid them in pushing forward towards their goal. From digitizing data, storing and maintaining them and employee profiles, collaborating them with payroll, giving alerts for important document renewal, monitoring employee attendances, and generating performance evaluation reports, to leveraging expenses for vehicular fuel consumption and the likes, HR Management System has been a real tool to automate and accelerate the whole lot of their HR functions.

Divided into various modules according to their assigned area of role-based performances, making choice of an HR Management System may seem to be difficult to you. Such a system package usually consists of the following modules:

·        HRMS or Human Resource Management Software
·        Payroll Software
·        Self Service System
·        Timesheet Management System
·        Appraisal Management System
·        Resume & Recruitment Management System
·        Attendance System
·        Vehicle Management System

Besides, all these modules are also made to comply with the localized conditions and requirements of a geography. At this point, you may ask me why localization needs could be given as priority into these modules. You must know that labour regulations and codes tend to differ from one geography to another, as is the case with HR Management Software Dubai, WPS Compliance support system for Saudi Arabia, etc. 


In the GCC or the MENA regions, HR Solutions require consistent compliance with the uniform region-specified labour regulations and also country-defined labour codes. As a result, those who have organizational base of operations across anywhere in the region must look for those HRMS Software having full compliance with their labour laws. So, when it comes to choosing an HR Management Software suite for a business of the region, compatibility features of the system have to be checked out.

Okay, these considerations have to come for right selection of HRMS Software for a company or the government entity in the GCC or the MENA region.

But, what about the benefits for companies using them? Benefits are abundant in number, which you may feel and find in your HR works. By installing HR Management Software and Solutions, your HR works will become automated. As already said, HR professionals will just upload data into the database of the system and the processing of them for various purposes will be automated, requiring no manual interference. Minimum manual interference means minimum deployment of HR professionals, reducing costs significantly. Plus, time and cost will also be drastically truncated. Performance will speed up, lowering time and cost.  

Dividends and benefits which you will achieve will give you full satisfaction as an employer. Also, your employees will have full access to their employment information anytime-anywhere! When all of your HR works get automated and function-able on whenever-and-wherever basis, don’t you think HR workloads will dramatically be less, less of hassle, and be accelerative?

Get insight from the eight crucial HR modules of Paylite HR Management Software, especially built for the GCC/MENA based users.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Payroll Software for GCC Companies: How to Choose the Best

GCC is rich also with the existence of lots of Payroll Software brands. That they’ll lead to brew confusion and conflict among the GCC companies is quite natural. They face a real challenge while given the task to choose a right Payroll Software for their company. Tricky adverts double their plight as well. Under such a scene, picking the right one from a flock of varieties wherein each of them claim to be the best is an acid test for the companies.

So, does it mean their search for the best and the one that fits their needs ends up with a wrong choice? Maybe or May not be, but there is always a chance latent. In order to bypass it, care to follow these search instructions and see how well your search transcends challenges to meet the right Payroll Software.

·        Chart out your requirements first.
·        Run across the web brochures of different vendors and developers.
·        Make sure to visit the profile of developer.
·        Checking developer’s profile is a-must to ensure it is developed by efficient.
·        Expect less or zero efficiency in the application if it’s developed by inefficient.
·        Must check after-sale support team.
·        Verify client testimonials and client list.
·        Make sure it has inclusive HR Solutions- HRMS Software Dubai, RFID/MICR/Biometric Attendance Tracking System, Vehicle Management System, Appraisal Management System, Resume & Recruitment Management System, Self Service System, & Timesheet Management System.

That all vendors will come up to you with common Payroll Software features for the GCC and the MENA clients is sure.

·        Automatic Monthly Salary Calculation
·        Competent to calculate salary basic, allowances, & overtime.
·        Able to calculate salary general deductions and leave deductions.
·        Automatic loan accounting integration

What you should look into them is whether they offer some interesting features and are way from others. Take Paylite Payroll Software for example. Apart from these above-mentioned features into it, Paylite Payroll Software offers the following also:

·        Allows users to generate reports post-payroll
·        Gives them 360-degree view of those reports of payroll
·        Aligns with other crucial modules of it, thereby better streamlines and centralizes the whole HR Management System.
·        Defines unlimited earnings and deductions
·        Shows up English & Arabic interface
·        All earning and deduction heads can be suitably grouped to map in-to the cost/accounts head (optional) with automatic data transfer facility to general ledger/subsidiary ledger/ pay check/bank transfer/benefit admin process

The most striking feature of Paylite Payroll Software is it is exclusively built for the clients having their organization bases across the GCC member countries. Moreover, localized Payroll Software competent to meet conditions and requirements of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar, besides the countries of the MENA region is available from this Dubai-based software development company.