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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HR Management Software Implementation is a revamp of old style HR working

Why will you stay put in old style of performing HR duties? Does it make any sense by sticking to it? Switching to automation is now expedient under the considerations of faster marketplace dynamism, necessity to build up collaborative approach, and achieving higher-efficiency.

In addition, replacement of paper-based, error-prone, and time-consuming HR operations will be possible. So, by introducing automated HR Solutions, you are ensuring both HR professionals and company staffs get freedom from their day-to-day challenges and deliver results.

Here are the HR modules which you can see in a suite of HR Management Software.
Before starting off, one point is very significant to know. Every country has its own labour regulations. HR Solutions are designed to perform and deliver according to their requirements and conditions.

Similar scene is present across all member countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). While an organization having a base of operations in the region and looking for an HRMS, it will choose the one which can exactly comply with their localized requirements and conditions.
Here is an example of HR Solutions suite which has full compliance with the GCC labour laws. Branded as Paylite HR Management Software, it offers HR solutions as per the regional and localized needs and conditions of the GCC and the MENA. Built on the latest technologies of Microsoft, this top leading brand includes the following modules:

·        HRMS or Human Resource Management Software
·        Payroll Software
·        Appraisal System
·        Resume and Recruitment Management System
·        Timesheet System
·        Self Service System
·        Attendance System
·        Vehicle Management System
·        Regional Localization of HR Solutions

By implementing Paylite HR Management Software an organization can achieve a number of benefits. Look at this infographic to know those benefits.

 Brief Product Implementation Benefits:

HRMS automates managing employee information up to giving vital alters for various events like expiry of driving license, visa, work permit, etc.

Payroll Software helps automating employees’ payroll related issues like doing calculations, salary transfer, deductions, or having WPS compliance.

Self Service System enables employees to access vital HR info and perform key HR functions like making and forwarding leave/loan applications through automated process up to getting approval. Requests and approval for air tickets, training, salary certificate, introduction letter, etc. can also be processed.

Attendance System records log-in and log-out timings via automated process, thereby preventing proxy attendance and increasing productivity. Paylite Attendance System is integratable with RFID, MICR, and Bio-metric devices.

Vehicle Management System can control fuel consumption, company vehicle related expenses and distribution of work orders, among others.

Timesheet Management System helps managing human resource effectively and efficiently, besides accounting for time as per deployment of projects and generating multi-dimensional reports for client groups, clients, and projects.

Appraisal System ensures smooth access to employee history and retrieves all data for processing 360-degree appraisal.

In addition, all of these systems are competent to comply with localization requirements and conditions of any member country across the GCC and the MENA regions.

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