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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Appraisal Management System for the UAE Users

Every organization has to assess performance of its staffs. Why this assessment is necessary must be known to everybody of you. From taking decision for an employee’s promotion to fixing their salary or increment or anything else, evaluation of an employee performance has an important role to play for all of them. So much so vital the role is, any mistake could lead to the loss of a company’s revenue or give rise to the resentment of employees. In order to ensure company managers take flawless decision about it, deploy an appraisal management system into an HR infrastructure and make use of it as binding for the HR managers.  

How does an Appraisal Management System ensure flawless HR decision?

Evaluation of an employee performance partakes in collective insights from more than one segments of an HR department. An intuitive appraisal management system can set compliancy among all those segments, expediting the preparation of appraisal reports conveniently. It collects data of individual employee from appraisee database, which receives inputs and insights from appraising managers. As a result, a complete appraisal report is created considering insights of various HR managers thereby eliminating the doubts of decisional flaws.

Features of an Appraisal Management System:

·        360° appraisal
·        Setup of Appraisal Managers and Appraisee
·        Outside contributor management
·        Appraisal template setup
·        Minimal training needed for all contributors
·        Quick access to appraisal history

Does a user require training to use an Appraisal Management System?

Hardly would they require any training. However, a formal training is provided to introduce the users with the features of this system. It is easy to use and user-friendly. Users get an easy access to the employee history which shows collective insights from various modules of an HR Management System.

HR insights and various other inputs percolate through various modules up to the Appraisal Management System to form an assessment report of an individual performance or a team performance. Look into the following diagram for an understanding of how those modules are related with one another and how a wheel of cycle rotates.

Depending on the insights and inputs of HR managers, an appraisal report is designed and finally reflects on the fate of employee. 

Paylite HRMS has brought in an exclusiveappraisal management system for the organizations having the base of operations across the GCC/MENA region. It is finely implementable with all HR modules so that relevant HR insights and inputs can be drawn and collected automatically. Aren’t these features of this system suitable for a flawless assessment of employees? Ask for a demo service of the system at your convenient time. 

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