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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Localized HR Solutions for GCC Organizations

A GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region based organization has to set its HR parameters in abidance with country-specific labour regulations. It calls for the requirement of localized versions of HR Solutions. For instance, a payroll software being used by an organization based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ought to have features that must comply with the GOSI (General Organization for Social Insurance) principles or an Oman based organization has to comply with the PASI principles (Public Authority for Social Insurance).

Going by this requirement, an HR Solution, designed for the GCC region organizations, naturally tends to be diversely featured. Differing from one country to another in the same region in terms of their labour regulations, the developers of HR Solutions are to keep country-specific requirements and conditions.

Here is one of such an HR Solutions which offers full support and compliance with GOSI and WPS (Wage Protection System) of the KSA, PASI of Oman, MOL of Egypt and Oman, etc. Look at this infographic to understand which country seeks what conformities. 

Abiding by these set of regulations word-by-word, sailing through employee payment steps and conforming to the taxation rules turn out to be easier for the user organizations. Transactional activities remain also under the lens of the authorities. Also, the salary calculations and others become automated. For instance, CNSS calculations for the Lebanese organizations will be effortless and error-free once such an HR Solution comes to perform it.

In view of this requirement, regional localization of your HR Management Software will be the only solution. Do you want this solution for smooth and automated HR operations? Look no further beyond of Paylite’s Regional Localization Solution when it comes to this requirement. For more information please visit :

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