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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Employee Self Service System Seizes the Moment of Users’ Loyalty

Everything is nowadays inching upon the screens of smartphones. Unlike the past, you don’t have to count only on PCs or laptops to find out an unknown address, for example. You can get it on your smartphones either. So, isn’t technology taking the role of a game-changer? Doesn’t it fix users’ outlook in a considerable way? To understand it, look at the landscape of changed human resource management. Not only it is now automated thanks to the use of HRMS (Human Resource Management System), but also it is friendly with the latest technologies. The Employee Self Service System- a very significant HR module in the HRMS group- is the new addition lined up to seize the moment of HR people’s choice for automation and organizational benefits.  

Employee Self Service System now can work on Android and iOS based platforms also, giving its users an anytime-anywhere accessibility. This transition is an inflection point where a kind of something special change is visible and brought out into a technology to modulate it with the present requirements of users. With resizing Employee Self Service System up to meeting the present day needs, it’s intended to retain and raise users’ loyalty.

Check out the chart below before and after the upgrade of Paylite Employee Self Service System- a highly popular brand of Human Resource Management System all over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with its base in Dubai.

During the last past few years, the use of automated HR Solutions across various companies no matter of their size and shape has increased noticeably, giving a clear signal of faster shift of users’ choice towards the ease and convenience of users and precision and completion of workloads faster. With the arrival of smartphone-friendly HRMS, into which Employee Self Service System is a significant module, the shift of choice among users has become simply stronger.

Check out the benefits of using an Employee Self Service System which a user organization can score:

·         Automate and allow users to process HR works from a given dashboard
·         Physical attendance to forward or inquire of an application or its status is now redundant
·         Online access to individual employee saves and increases their work hours
·         Expenses saved
·         Data directly linked to payroll system
·         Access to dashboard from Android and iOS platforms

So, now, at the arrival of smartphone-friendly Employee Self Service System, communication between HR executives and employees has become just a click-away service. Both of them are unlikely to cast aspersions on its users ever. They seem to be increasing their liking for it instead and sticking to it more and more. Doesn’t this change indicate enough to the growth of users’ loyalty to their organizations?
See at this image below to know why users’ choice is increasingly leaning towards this convenient Employee Self Service System module.