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Monday, May 12, 2014

HR Management Software: Is its implementation meant only for automation of HR functioning?

Achieving automation for HR operations is obviously the meat point of HRMS implementation to an existing HR format. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean as its sole objective! It brings precision in performance and security for database management also.

Besides them, there are few known benefits as well. They are

  •         Staff productivity enhancement
  •         Prompt service
  •         Guarantee of error-free performance

But, the former two, namely the precision and the security, are the two leading points distinguishing the necessity of HR Management Software implementation.

Precision in performance makes a huge difference! HR operations include payroll process, managing leave/loan/air ticket requests of employees, staff performance evaluation, monitoring their attendances, reimbursing and controlling expenses, among many others. The list is quite long! But, when an HRMS is brought into your HR setup, it starts streamlining them. Until the data inputs are accurate, the system will be giving accurate outputs to the distributed channels through a secured interlinking system.

Take the example of Employee Attendance System. As and when an employee checks in or checks out his/her office, his/her attendance is recorded into the system via RFID/MICR/Bio-metric devices. The attendance data gets transmitted to various HR Management Software Systems – the Payroll System in particular. Attendance data transmission facilitates payroll calculations, evaluation of employee performance, and so forth. 

HR Management Software Process
Implementation of HRMS ensures achievement of automation, higher efficiency, cost and time reduction, and a collaborative platform. Consider the Employee Self Service System as an example. By using it, employees can send and view leave/loan/air ticket etc. requests online as well as Android and iOS phones. The striking aspect is both employees and HR managers can use it remotely and execute their decisions remotely! As a result, both time and labour are saved, data security is fully maintained, and HR functioning becomes highly efficient! Do you see HRMS still as only a tool for automation? 

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