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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How is Recruitment and Resume Management System simplifying employee hiring processes?

Selecting right candidates from hundreds of them is a real challenge in a recruitment process. It goes through a series of complex processes. These processes become even more complex when the recruiting organization wants the process complete faster.

Depending on the volume of the organization, the costs involved in the recruitment process could be pretty higher. So, for this reason, it is important for the organization to make it as streamlined as possible.

In order to do so, an organization should consider installing automated recruiting technology to their HR setup. By implementing a Recruitment and Resume Management System, HR managers can get relief from their bulk recruitment duties. The system will enable them to shortlist and select the right candidate for the role without having them to spend tediously long time on the data entry jobs.

A considerable part of time in recruitment process is spent on advertising and posting job vacancies. HR managers get involved into doing them. They are to contact with media vendors to post vacancies and perform advertising responsibilities. This consequently tends to take a long time.

Implement a Recruitment and Resume Management System to an HR setup and see the difference between the results of a manual HR performance and an automated HR performance. This system will independently manage this by handling and grouping details of jobs, which otherwise have to be manually maintained by a staff. As a result, your HR staffs will require doing minimum paperwork and they will be able to focus more on management areas!

Benefits of Recruitment and Resume Management System at a glance:
·        Post vacancy
·        Resume classification and storage for easy retrieval
·        Tracking of candidates coming through Recruitment agencies
·        Short-listing and interview scheduling
·        Setup of Interview parameters and rating of candidates
·        Setting up of Interview calendar for interviewers
·        Check references
·        Addition of selected candidates to HR system
·        Reduces cost per hire

By integrating this system to an HR setup, the user company will have all these jobs done automatically. For instance, nowadays job applicants forward their resumes online and company HR staffs store them and retrieve them from their storage when necessary. The storage includes assorted variety of candidate profiles, but the requirement as of now is only for a kind of particular profile. This system will help them to retrieve the exact matching profiles based on the skills and experience from the storage at their single click!

From creating resume groups to retrieving them when necessary to facilitating a selection method, the Resumeand Recruitment Manager System can remove all stresses in therecruitment process. Plus, it will ensure the right person is hired for the role.

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