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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Human Resource Management Software Simplifies Recruitment & Resume Management

Earlier you have learnt about HRMS software simplifying payroll management, appraisal management, timesheet management services, etc. Now, the software enabled services for HR workflows have crossed another extra milestone simplifying the job to a greater extent.  HR executives can scan and screen the interviewed candidates and their profiles more elaborately, establish a transparent application process and let the candidates contact them via mail directly. Moreover, they can unlock their stored databank of candidates looking for a place with their company as and when they feel to fill out a vacant position. And all these have become possible because of an ingenious module of HR management system application which is being fondly called as Recruitment & Resume Manager.

The key features of this module are more than one and comprehensive. With using this module, the jobs of classifying resume and storing them have become easier. Those stored resume can be retrieved at any point of requisition. The software can classify the lists of candidates between two distinct segments; one of them is direct applied candidates and the other one is the group applied via recruitment agencies. It simplifies the process of tracking the numbers of all candidates meticulously. On finding out a vacancy that need to be filled out immediately, HR department can go to the databank fostered in the software application securely.  Right candidate info can be retrieved from the bank on an instant the information regarding the eligibility criterion for the candidates are supplied. The software will come out with results matching with the information.

Moreover, interviewers can also use a host of services like short-listing candidates, interview scheduling, setting up interview parameters, rating the candidates, preparing interview calendars for interviewers, verifying references and many more. The software can also relieves the HR executives of manually preparing the list of top rated candidates from tens of them. It will auto-generate the results, with the ongoing process of the interview. In this way, the whole recruitment process has become an automated service simplifying hordes of difficult methods. Moreover, this brilliant online HRMS software application has been developed in such a way that English can comfortably interface with Arabic. This is the reason for which most of the organizations in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries) region has shown their preferences for this software over others. 

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