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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paylite Offers High-performing Human Resource Management Software

Performing improvement job upon an existing software application is a general trend among all programmers. A perpetual enhancement effort can bring out the best possibilities out of it. It can also ingrain the best available applications into it in order to streamline the product efficacy. To this aim, Paylitehr seems to have become successful by making its versatile and Microsoft tech-enabled human resource management system more efficient and user-friendly. Paylite HRMS offers an end-to-end centralized HR solution.

Now, it has become more productive after it has been seamlessly integrated with the most sought-after HR need-based modules, such as Payroll, Self Service, Recruitment & Resume Manager, Appraisal and Timesheet modules. All of them are web-based applications and perform HR jobs flawlessly.
Managing employee-wise database, employees’ payroll related matters, or managing resume classification jobs and recruitment process have become easier and more convenient with the introduction of Paylitehr HRMS System. This ingenious human resource management software is scalable, effective and user-friendly. The Appraisal Management System module of Paylitehr can help the process of tracking employees’ appraisal more professionally and efficiently.

Paylite HRMS System can also manage manpower effectively through the application of Timesheet Module. Generation of project-wise time accounting for employees and multi-dimensional reports on time spent for Client Groups, Clients and Projects is capably and seamlessly performed by the Paylite Human Resource Management System.

Managing HR workflow has become easier and convenient. Unlike earlier days when a considerable time had to be spent upon recording employees’ profiles and other related databases for further references, Paylite HRMS has relieved the whole system of those liabilities. Now, with its application, an organization can maintain the academic and professional profiles of its employees, their skills, salary progression, asset tracking, and all other vital details like driving license, visa, work permit, passport, etc.

The HRMS software has occupied the global market to a large extent, although its success in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries) region is more palpably felt and exponential. There is a reason behind its all-pervasive success in the region. As the countries of this oil-rich region experiences a huge inflow of workers from other countries in quest of jobs and they settle there for a certain period or till the expiration date of their iquama, visa and work permit, companies are to compulsorily maintain all profiles of those workers minutely. Paylite HRMSOman has been built in such a way that the companies would come to know when their iquama or any other necessary documents are required to renew well before their expiration date. On knowing it, the HR executives can send reminders to their employees so that they can renew them on right time. 

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